The girl with the yellow umbrella..

Yes girl, one of the most undeniable truths about this captivating region is that it rains. In fact it rains often, it rains hard, and it rains for what feels like an endless tumultuous season(s).  But, when the sun is not literally shining, the people of the Pacific Northwest are known for leading with light.  We carry the light around in our sensitive smile to a stranger, in our children that learn to snow ski and water ski in the same month, in the grace found in our furry companions, in our gratitude for living in a region free of violent weather, in our dedication to enviro-sustainable transportation, in our perseverance for holistic health, and in our unfathomable desire to create the most luminous of Chardonnays.

Everything Virtuous Humans Do. They. Carry. The. Light.

So, she carries with her an umbrella in yellow, an ironic, yet iconic, symbol that we believe the sun is still shining behind the rain. We choose to thrive in the nature and nurture of this beautiful place, knowing with it comes the need for protection from time to time..

Let the yella’ brella’ be a reminder to those that live here, left here, and never been here, that we marvel in both the sun and the rain, because we need both to grow.

Welcome to Sunny and Flair.

Keep Smiling,