Delighted you are here,

Pleasure to meet you! I am Angela, Ang, AP, AngiePangie, all the names synonymous with you; my endearing friends, followers and future girlfriends.  Portland, Oregon is a magnificent place to live, work, and raise a bunch of little humans (and/or fur babies; we don’t discriminate!). I have been fortunate to be born and raised in this beautiful place in the world, and its with a passionate heart that this personal experience journal finds its way to you.

Life is in fact a personal experience journal! The chapters in my journal are much like yours. I am a wife, a mom (soccer mom; which as some know is a whole category in and of itself), a full time consultant, and a believer in a holistic approach to navigating chaos.  What am I forgetting? Oh. Yes. I am very much a fitness is life enthusiast, and will not often miss the chance to lift heavy things, row many meters, and live the ultimate sweat life all before dawn…

I married Jody, my high school sweetheart in 2002 and we are very much thriving here in the Pacific NW with our son Grant, the most dynamic 10 year old boy that ever lived.  Home will always be where your heart is, and ours is forever here. So, it’s time I share, Sunny and Flair.

Keep Smiling,