Angela at Multnomah Falls holding yellow umbrella


Multnomah Falls, (30mi. E of PDX)


Dreams! Sweater by Blair Eadie Atlantic Pacific x Halogen for Nordstrom, tulle skirt Blair Eadie Atlantic Pacific x Halogen for Nordstrom, Partially transparent blush trim bootie Steve Madden.

Isn’t it iconic don’t you think?! See what I did there? Stay with me on this…

I considered this for some time. Where to wear my first entry.

One of the most ironic, yet beautifully iconic places to begin my personal experience journal is here. Multnomah Falls. In itself, Multnomah Falls is symbolic of the majesty that is the Pacific Northwest.

However, in its grace and splendor, consider this with me.  Thousands upon thousands of visitors come to look upon the falls and gaze at the falling water. They come here to watch something fall, to see something clean and pure fall from a prominent place in order to serve another place…Perhaps for something bigger. Something grander.

As I look upon my first entry, how appropriate that while the falls are one of Oregon’s most beloved places, it is a place where we celebrate the beauty and spectacle of ‘falling’.  Because, haven’t we all had to fall in order to move on to something else? How often do we stand in awe and celebrate the journey of falling in order to serve another purpose?

I have fallen only to understand that the fall wasn’t at all the spectacular part, it was what happened after, it is the eb and flow of the journey that show us the way to something grander.

Welcome to Sunny and Flair.

Keep Smiling,


Mary Poppins – anything can happen if you let it, in every job there is an element of fun.  Today or never, that’s my moto.

Winds in the east, mist coming in, like something is brewin and about to begin…